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KAMRA Inlay Procedure – Gregg’s Story, Part 2

KAMRA Inlay ProcedureOctober 20th – As a Gimbel staff member, having KAMRA surgery is a bit of “taking our own medicine” as I hope to reduce or eliminate my reading glasses. It is sure interesting being “on the other side of the desk.”

Apparently one of the main ways patients can help improve their results with the KAMRA Inlay is to remain consistent in using the prescribed drug treatment before and after surgery. I am getting into the habit now by being diligent with my eye drops, to make it easier after surgery to stay on track. Only one day to my actual surgery!

In reading about others who have had the surgery, I have discovered that it is important to temper my expectations in the first 1-2 months about results. Some people get greatly improved near vision immediately, but many need to work through the healing process before achieving consistent and optimal results. Even then, low light and other circumstances can mean using reading glasses occasionally, but if I can reduce the need for glasses in most situations, I will still be happy.

-Gregg Becker, Chief Operating Officer, Gimbel Eye Centres

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