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KAMRA Inlay Procedure – Gregg’s Story, Part 3

KAMRA Inlay ProcedureOctober 30th – Well, yesterday was surgery day! How did it go? Apparently it went well according to the surgical team, who sees eye surgeries every day. Here are my observations (and they said my experience was the same as every other patient they see – no special privileges, which I appreciated):

  • The staff were all helpful, friendly and treated me well; the waiting room space was relaxing
  • My pre-operative discussions with the staff were helpful, and while there is a fair amount to digest, it was not overwhelming (and there were lots of helpful aids provided to me)
  • I then had my pre-operative discussion with Dr Gimbel, who went through the process with me and helped me get a sense of how it would go. He made me feel like I was the only patient he had (which I know isn’t true, but I appreciated his not rushing things)
  • A relaxant (Adivan) was offered to me, but I am not the nervous type, so I declined
  • Once in the operating room, things moved quickly with pre-operative preparations and explanations
  • Numbing drops were put in for the eye and soon I couldn’t really see much. At this point, I decided I pretty much was along for the ride and needed to just trust the team, and stay as still as possible, to help with accuracy of the inlay being centered on the eye
  • Once the procedure began, I felt some discomfort from the tool used to hold the eye open, but nothing terrible (I rated it a 3 or 4 on a scale of 10 for discomfort) – this lasted while the operation was happening
  • Then, it was over!
  • Post-operatively, they checked with me to ensure I was OK, and confirm my eye drop protocol for the rest of the day and week.

Overall, it was an easy process and smooth. I was concerned that all the various drops I needed to take might be confusing, but once I got into it, there wasn’t any real concern. I went and had a (great) nap, then spent the rest of the day convalescing and adding drops into my eyes. Tomorrow we see how it went!

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