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KAMRA Inlay Procedure – Gregg’s Story, Part 4

KAMRA Inlay ProcedureNovember 6th – I am now one week post-op, and things have settled down nicely in terms of the daily regimen of drops. Really, after the first 2 days it was very simple. And based on my exam yesterday, it sounds like the drops I was taking have had good effect. No swelling or haze to speak of, no discomfort at all. I do get occasional blurry moments, but that is normal, and quickly passes with a blink or two.

The clinical exam shows my distance vision is now 20/20 (about the same as pre-op) and my near vision is 20/50 (also about the same as pre-op). I am not discouraged by the near vision, Although it would be great to have a “wow!” experience (and some KAMRA patients do), the majority seem to have improvement in near vision over the first few months, so I am OK to be patient for now.

The interesting thing is that – subjectively – I feel like I can read fine print better now than before. This was borne out by my reading test yesterday, where I was able to read 9 point font text (one day post-op I was reading 10 point font). I am not sure if this is normal or not, but it certainly is encouraging as I wait for full healing and neural re-mapping to happen over time.

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