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KAMRA Inlay Procedure – Gregg’s Story, Part 5

Inlay procedureDecember 8th – Today was my “one month post – op review”, which was actually 6 weeks post-op, since I had been away on holiday part of the last week.

During the last 4 weeks, I felt I had been experiencing better near vision, but it was sometimes hard to tell as I was “working at it”. This means I had been encouraged to try and read as much as possible near distance without using glasses to assist with the neural re-mapping that needs to happen (to train my brain to ‘see’ through the eye with the KAMRA inlay. When doing this, I had to strain at times to read things that were blurry, but found I could do it with some effort for the most part (except in the early mornings when my eyes were tired and the light was low).

The real litmus test for me has been my use of reading glasses. Prior to the inlay, my day always included throwing my reading glasses into my briefcase in the morning and then using them periodically through the day as I used the computer, read documents, and so on. For the past couple of weeks, I have noticed that I would get home at the end of the day and that I had not taken my glasses out of the briefcase much or at all. That was saying something! However I wanted to make sure it wasn’t simply me thinking things had improved, but struggling to read without my glasses in a quest for neural re-mapping.

Today I had my eyes tested, and found that in the past month, my KAMRA eye (or” bionic eye” as my wife likes to call it) had moved from 20/50 near vision on Nov 6th to 20/30 near vision today. The optometrist was impressed with the progress, and that I could read 7 point font. My eye has little edma (swelling) and is healing exceptionally well, in part we think due to the improved eye drop protocol they have put me on which seems to speed healing.

The drop regimen continues to simplify (now only 2 different drops morning and night) and is very easy to handle, though I am told I need to use the lubricating eye drops more through the day.

I still reach for my glasses at times, and there are probably a few more months before the healing process is (more or less) complete and stabilized. However, I am already reading near distance much better, and reading my phone and computer more easily than before. They say most people see good results around the 3-6 month mark, but in my case at least, it seems I am having a good result early.

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