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KAMRA Inlay Procedure – Gregg’s Story

shutterstock_46145008October 13th – And so begins my journey with getting a KAMRA Inlay to be rid of reading glasses, or as rid of them as possible. After being tested and confirming that a KAMRA Inlay will work with my prescription, I was given a prescription for Restasis for most of the month before surgery. These drops are pretty expensive, so I was glad to hear my drug plan covered it all. I am told the Gimbel Clinic also has coupons they give to patients which provide some level of discount in case their plans don’t cover the costs.

I have been using the Restasis eye drops over the past 2 weeks, morning and night. Pretty simple and no discomfort (this is good, as I am not used to putting anything in my eyes, and didn’t want to be a baby about it!). I am not sure how they work, but I don’t notice any difference from using them, and am told it speeds and improves the healing process.

-Gregg, Chief Operating Officer for Gimbel Eye Centre and Patient

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