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Dr. Daniel Senekal

Dr. Daniel Senekal, Medical Director and owner of the Gimbel Eye Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, is a well-respected member of the international refractive community. Dr. Senekal was one of only 60 ophthalmologists worldwide who was invited to the Ophthalmology Oscars in Cannes, France in 2011, where refractive surgeons are recognized for their contribution and advancements in refractive eye surgery.

Over the past 15 years Dr. Senekal has been continuously monitoring and analyzing the results he has been able to achieve performing refractive laser eye surgery. His quest for perfection has lead him to the conclusion that Advanced Surface Laser Treatment has emerged as his refractive treatment of choice. This technique offers his patients the most effective and reliable results.

Dr. Senekal is dedicated to offering patients a full range of refractive surgery options, which he tailors to fulfill the requirements of each individual patient’s occupation, hobbies, and age-specific challenges, like presbyopia.

As part of his humanitarian work, Dr. Senekal offers his expertise to improve the quality of training in third world countries.

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