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Dr. Nohad Teliani

Nohad Teliani, BSc, OD


Born and raised in Edmonton, Dr. Nohad Teliani graduated from University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science.

In 2006, Dr. Teliani completed a Doctor of Optometry at University of Waterloo with her name on the Dean’s Honour List.

She sensed at a very young age that she wanted to be an optometrist and nothing was going to deter her from that. “I always knew I wanted to be a doctor and that I wanted to specialize, rather than be a family practitioner,” she says. “By the time I was in grade five, I had settled on Optometry because the eyes have always intrigued me. I think vision is the most important sense we have – the eyes truly serve as a lifeline to the rest of the world.”

Dr. Teliani has had a long association with Gimbel Eye Centre. In the midst of her optometric training, she worked as an ophthalmic technician at Gimbel Eye Centre – Edmonton in the summer of 2004. The following summer, she took an eight-week primary care ‘externship’ at Gimbel where she learned more about pre- and post-operative care for refractive and cataract patients.

Another highlight of her training was working with local ophthalmologists where she was shown a variety of eye problems and conditions – including treatment for strabismus, eyelid repair, retinal problems and eye injuries. She also spent time at a contact lens training seminar in Florida, where she learned more about specialty contact lenses for a variety of interesting conditions.

Dr. Teliani says, “I was interested in joining Gimbel Eye Centre – Edmonton because of their professionalism, thoroughness and integrity.” At Gimbel Eye Centre – Edmonton, all potential refractive patients are subject to a series of tests. If the patient is a good candidate for refractive surgery, the patient participates in choosing the type of refractive surgery he/she will undergo. She also adds that Gimbel Eye Centre staff are “amazing” in how well they treat the patients. “It’s very inspiring to work in this field of helping people with their vision.”

Dr. Teliani also enjoys the variety in the work at Gimbel Eye Centre – Edmonton. “Everyday we see something new and fascinating,” she notes, commenting on the continuing influx of new technology.

A snowboard enthusiast, Dr. Teliani has also taken up golfing.

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