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The Gimbel Eye Foundation was established in 1984 with the mandate to enhance the level of patient care in Canada and around the world. We are committed to improving the science and art of medical eye care.

Since 2009 we’ve been focused on gathering and editing the valuable teaching videos that have become the Gimbel Library.

For many decades Dr. Howard Gimbel has been known worldwide for teaching, always using video footage of actual surgeries he has performed. He pioneered the use of this teaching medium. Dr. Gimbel has received recognition, affirmation, and many honors for the value that his innovative techniques and training videos continue to provide for ophthalmic surgeons worldwide. These teaching videos share unique surgical experiences and teach new techniques that he has developed.

Almost all of Dr. Gimbel’s surgeries were digitally video-recorded and saved when they had a particular educational value. We are committed to making this archive available online in order to enhance the surgical practices of surgeons worldwide. In a very fundamental way, this project fulfills the mandate of the Foundation – a mandate to share (at no cost to the end-user) the experience and research of Gimbel Eye Centre eye doctors. Sharing with others ensures that patient care around the world is enhanced.

Over the years, many contributions have come from grateful patients, and we thank you for making it financially possible to enhance our teaching mission in this way.

About Gimbel Eye Foundation

The Gimbel Eye Foundation provides funding for a variety of different research projects. Research is the most valuable tool we have for evaluating or modifying technologies and procedures used in eye surgeries. We also give funding to help educate other doctors and surgeons on the latest techniques.

We place a high priority on funding projects that are innovative or developmental in nature, and that contribute directly to eye health and preventing disease. We also encourage professionals to work and partner with other professionals and universities. All applicants must demonstrate that their project meets the Foundation’s mission and that there is a need for the project and the funding. They must also seek other funding sources in order for their application to be considered. At least one of the professionals listed on the application must be affiliated with Gimbel Eye Centre.

A Message to You from Dr. Gimbel

Gimbel Eye Foundation