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New Treatment Now Available at Gimbel Eye Centre – SMILE® Laser

New Treatment at Gimbel Eye CentreHere at Gimbel Eye Centre, we are committed to standing at the edge of the future when it comes to vision correction procedures. The founder of our practice, Dr. Howard Gimbel, is known as a pioneer in the field of laser vision correction, and our eye doctors continue to embrace new and advanced technologies that can provide patients with the best possible treatment options. We have recently added a new vision correction technique to our expansive selection of procedures, and we’d like to tell you a little more about it. 

The SMILE® laser vision correction system can serve as a less invasive alternative to popular options such as LASIK or PRK for many patients who suffer from myopia (nearsightedness). This state-of-the-art procedure based on ZEISS ReLEx® SMILE® laser technology is designed to minimize or even completely eliminate the need for individuals to rely on corrective eyewear to clearly see objects at a distance. It can also be helpful in some cases of myopia-associated astigmatism. SMILE® laser treatment does not require the use of a surgical blade—it is completely performed utilizing laser technology. This procedure also offers the benefit of a quick recovery time, as well as a reduced risk of dry eye syndrome after treatment. SMILE® laser vision correction employs a different way of reshaping the eye’s cornea when compared to LASIK, and may serve as an alternative to that procedure for patients who are not ideal candidates. 

You can learn more about SMILE® laser vision correction here.

Our eye and vision care team at Gimbel Eye Centre is very excited to bring you this innovative procedure, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact our office to learn more about SMILE® laser vision correction, or to schedule a consultation.