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Astigmatic Keratotomy

A variation of the radial keratotomy procedure can be used to correct astigmatism. This variation involves making transverse (slanted) cuts to the cornea to correct myopia. These transverse cuts work by relaxing areas of the cornea so they bulge out slightly and heal with less curvature. In the case of astigmatism, where one meridian has more curvature than the other, the transverse cuts reduce the curvature of one meridian so it heals in symmetry with the other.

Astigmatism is not always easily or predictably corrected. About one third of our patients who have this surgery find that their eyes change back to a considerable degree and only a small improvement is noted. Another third find that the astigmatism has been significantly reduced but not fully corrected. The remaining third have the most encouraging results and have the correction they want.

To speak to a Patient Counsellor about this procedure, please contact us.

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