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Acufocus KAMRA for Presbyopia

As we age, our ability to focus on objects at varying distances will naturally become more difficult. This condition, known as presbyopia, is caused by the aging process, and will affect everyone at some point in their lives. The crystalline lens inside our eyes flexes and adjusts to help us view objects near or far. Over time, the lens is not able to flex as well as it would in a younger eye. Up until now, there have not been many options available to improve this condition. Approved for use in Canada, the Acufocus KAMRA corneal inlay can now be used to treat presbyopia, allowing your eye to have an improved ability to view objects near and far.

Benefits of Presbyopia Treatment with Acufocus KAMRA

The Acufocus KAMRA corneal inlay, which can be implanted in one eye (usually the non-dominant eye), is designed to help correct the effects of presbyopia by blocking unfocused light and only allowing focused light to pass through to the retina. KAMRA provides a much-needed solution to an extremely common condition that previously had very limited treatment options. Benefits of the Acufocus KAMRA corneal inlay include:

Candidates for KAMRA

Presbyopia is something that all of us must face at some point, but the Acufocus KAMRA corneal inlay may not be for everyone. This treatment for presbyopia can be ideal for those who have lost their ability to see objects up close, and do not want to wear reading glasses. KAMRA can also restore near and intermediate vision to those who have limited close sight due to a lens implant following cataract surgery. Other candidates include those whose active lifestyles do not allow them to wear glasses, as well as patients who:

Your eye surgeon will need to conduct additional preoperative testing to determine your eligibility for this procedure. If you are interested in scheduling an assessment, or if you need more information, please contact us today.

KAMRA Corneal Inlay Procedure

The approach your surgeon will take when inserting the Acufocus KAMRA corneal inlay will depend on your individual preferences and needs. The procedure can be performed by itself, in combination with a LASIK or PRK procedure, or after a LASIK or PRK procedure has been completed. First, your eye surgeon will numb your eye with topical anesthetic eye drops. Using an advanced femtosecond laser, a small pocket is created. The KAMRA inlay is then gently inserted into the pocket, and centered on the line of sight. The opening in the center of the implant allows only focused light to reach the retina, and blocks any unfocused light. This allows the eye to have a renewed ability to focus on objects up close. The Acufocus KAMRA corneal inlay will only be implanted in one eye, which is usually the patient’s non-dominant eye.

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If you are beginning to notice signs of presbyopia, or have been living with presbyopia and want to reduce a dependence on reading glasses, KAMRA might be right for you. Please contact our office today for more information, or to schedule a consultation with one of our eye surgeons.

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