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Nov 02, 2023 • Blog - All categories

Dr. Gimbel Discusses LASIK Xtra® on Breakfast Television

Our experienced ophthalmologist, Dr. Howard Gimbel, was recently followed by cameras for Breakfast Television Calgary to document a LASIK Xtra® procedure. LASIK Xtra® is one of the latest advances in laser vision correction treatment, and makes it possible to give the cornea even more strength and stability after treatment with IntraLASIK or other laser techniques. LASIK Xtra® utilizes Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking with Riboflavin, a technique which can often help patients who have high levels of refractive errors reduce the chance that they will need vision correction “touch-ups” later in life. This additional step to an IntraLASIK procedure can also diminish the risk of certain complications, and give patients more confidence that improved vision will last for exceptionally long periods of time.

Although not all patients considering laser vision correction will need LASIK Xtra ®, patient who may benefit include those who have:

  • Thin corneas
  • Asymmetrical corneal topography
  • Conditions such as irregular corneal astigmatism
  • Corneas that are steeper than normal

The BT Calgary team observed Dr. Gimbel performing the LASIK Xtra® procedure on a young man named Chris who has been wearing glasses since the second grade. The additional step only adds on a few more minutes to the total LASIK procedure, and it is virtually painless. You can see more about Chris’ LASIK Xtra® treatment, and listen to Dr. Gimbel’s interview, by clicking here for the Breakfast Television video.

For more information on LASIK Xtra® or other procedures available at Gimbel Eye Center, please contact us today.

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