If you have had vision correction surgery in the past and you think your eyesight has changed, we recommend that you talk to your regular eye doctor first before booking an appointment with Gimbel Eye Centre. Changes to eyesight after vision correction surgery are rare. Therefore, you may have other health issues with your eyes. In these cases, your regular eye doctor is the best person to assess your eye sight and the health of your eyes.

The majority of people who have vision correction surgery respond well to the procedure and the healing process. In rare cases, people who have had laser eye surgery may experience some amount of regression in their eyesight (vision becomes less clear again) after surgery. This can sometimes happen because every eye is different – it is difficult to predict how each person will heal and how their eyes will react to the surgery. If you and your surgeon agree that there are enough benefits to having an enhancement procedure done, and your original surgery took place within the last 18 months, the procedure will be performed at no cost.

Please contact us for more information.

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