Emma Lunder
Nov 02, 2023 • Blog - All categories

Patient Spotlight: 2018 Winter Olympian Emma Lunder – PRK Treatment

Our team at Gimbel Eye Centre is extremely proud to have helped Canada’s own Emma Lunder, a 2018 Winter Olympian on the Canadian Biathlon Team, enhance her vision with PRK laser vision correction! Emma came to us in July of 2020 and her vision has undergone a dramatic improvement, ultimately helping to reduce her reliance on contact lenses during training and sporting events.

Emma wrote a wonderful note to us describing her experience. She said that, for a biathlete, having clear vision is extremely important, and even the slightest margin of error can be the difference between hitting a target or missing it. “After just one month post-surgery, I was seeing the targets more clearly than I ever had before in training… Not having to worry about itchy contacts, or my contact lenses blurring out of focus during a shooting stage in a race, where every second makes a difference, is something I’m greatly looking forward to this season.”

PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) is a laser technique that can be ideal for many patients who suffer from nearsightedness and astigmatism. Our experienced eye doctor reshaped Emma’s corneas to allow her eyes to better refract light, making objects at a distance appear sharper and clearer without having to depend on contact lenses. For Emma’s career as one of Canada’s most accomplished athletes, excellent vision is vital, and PRK treatment has made it possible for her to significantly improve her eyesight.

Emma went on to discuss her overall experience here at Gimbel Eye Centre, as well as how important it was for her to receive “world-class” care and support from a local business during the pandemic. “I was impressed with the level of comfort and understanding I had throughout the entire process from consultation, to surgery, to recovery, and would recommend them to anyone who needs corrective eye surgery. Thank you, Gimbel, and I look forward to representing you proudly on the world stage!”

And thank you, Emma, for all you have done for Canada and for your many accomplishments and successes. We are so glad we could help!

Emma Lunder

If you have questions about PRK or other advanced vision correction options available at our practice, please contact us today. With some of the latest treatment techniques, including PRK, LASIK, the SMILE® laser procedure, and intraocular lenses, our team can help many individuals see clearly at a range of distances while reducing—or even eliminating—dependence on corrective eyewear.

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